News Global Witness appoint GN2 to acquire new London offices

Who are Global Witness?
Global Witness is a UK-based non-governmental organisation on the frontline of the global struggle against natural resources related corruption, conflict and injustice. From Cambodia to Congo, Peru to Libya, Angola to Kyrgyzstan, South Sudan to Burma, Global Witness have exposed the injustice and brutality resulting from the fight to access and control natural resources wealth.

What George Soros says

‘I am proud to be associated with Global Witness. Their work is making the world a better place. Their efforts deserve our attention.’

The requirement for Global Witness’ offices in their own words
We now need a new office in central London of 8,000 to 10,000 sq ft. The space needs to be on a single floor, above ground level. Our professional staff need effective space to carry out their work, but we want to focus our financial resources on our core work. Charles Godfrey at GN2 is acting as our agent in our search for the space that will enable us to continue our fight.

How you can help
Any office accommodation you may be able to offer, as a sustainable solution to their needs, i.e. to include previous fit out and furniture and, on preferential terms, would be greatly appreciated. Please let our advisors GN2 know, contact Charles Godfrey on 020 7183 6527 or email at