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At GN2 we take pride in the advice that we give our clients.  We are experts in the central London property market and cover all areas from Canary Wharf to Hammersmith and Kings Cross to the Southbank.  Our team of 5 dedicated occupier advisors are on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have and can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Central London Rent Map

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Rents as of February 2018


New / Grade A
Second Hand / Grade B

  • Based on a 10,000 sq ft floor in the middle of a building
  • Floors with terraces or river views could command a higher rent
  • High floors in tower buildings generally attract a premium rent

Finding office space can be tricky. If you are feeling lost or you simply haven’t found what you’re looking for then get in touch.

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5 reasons to use an agent

  1. Finding office space is becoming harder and harder. Low supply levels mean that our relationships with Landlords and other Agents come in to their own.
  2. Competition for good quality office space is increasing on a daily basis, so being able to react quickly is critical. We are focused on delivering results for our clients, whilst our clients focus on running their businesses.
  3. If a Landlord had the choice of negotiating with an unrepresented tenant versus a represented tenant, in most cases, the latter would take preference. Landlords take confidence in the fact that a tenant is being properly advised on the market, and that everything will have been ironed out during the negotiation of the Head of Terms.
  4. We are experts in our field. Our knowledge of the market and of structuring a deal correctly is key to delivering the right result and best value for our clients. No matter what a Landlords agent tells you, his interests are aligned with his client and his client alone – ours are aligned with yours!
  5. Acquiring office space is a time consuming business, but can be made a lot easier by using an Agent. We will find you ‘on’ and ‘off’ market opportunities, help you whittle these down following one or two viewing tours, negotiate the best terms possible as well as managing the legal process and any internal fit out / due diligence required.
  • *Also Virtual offices and Meeting rooms
  • (Cost/Person/Month)